Seemingly tiring of the criminal lifestyle, the Penguin will go "legit" and open a posh nightclub, the "Iceberg Lounge". He has three new beauties running his club for him in his absence; Jay, Raven and Lark. All 3 are named after birds.


Jay, Raven, and Lark are the three female 'henchgirls' of the Penguin who are also the waitresses of his posh nightclub "The Iceberg Lounge". Although not really villains, these three beauties will never let their boss down or let anyone discover his secret dealings with the other criminals of Gotham. After all, the Penguin wants everyone to believe he has reformed from his past ways.

The trio were first sent by Penguin to eliminate Roxy Rocket, who had formerly employed by the Penguin, but were taken down by Roxy and Batman.

They later assisted Penguin in closing a deal with Killer Croc and Two-Face, but when a ruthless vigilante named The Judge attacked Penguin, they were unable to help him as The Judge had tied them up and gagged the henchgirls, dangling them helplessly from the ceiling. They were later freed, and described Penguin's brutal attacker to the police.

They later fought Batwoman in the Iceberg Lounge, summoned by Penguin via silent alarm, displaying themselves as masters in martial arts and acrobatics. They were knocked out when a bat-seeking missile from Penguin's umbrella missed Batwoman and hit the ground near the three henchwenches.

Comic BooksEdit

  • Jay, Raven, and Lark do appear in the mainstream DC Universe, but most of their appearances are cameos in the background of the Iceberg Lounge. It is only in Batman: The Animated Series that the trio play a significant and major role of any kind.
  • Lark has reappeared alongside the Penguin after a new Black Mask destroys the villain's criminal empire following the apparent death of Batman.
  • Jay and Raven officially entered the DC Universe in Detective Comics (Volume 2) #5, working alongside Lark as enforcers for the Penguin.
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