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"Okay. Let's see. What I'd like to do first is put these gloves on you. Our research tells us that voters like fingers."

- Jen attempting to put gloves on The Penguin's flippers.

Jen was one of The Penguin's Image Consultants. She tried to put gloves on Penguin's hands.


Batman Returns

Max Shreck hired Josh and Jen, his image consultants, to give The Penguin a makeover, so that he could credibly stand for mayor of Gotham City, as part of Max's plan to build a new power plant.

Jen attempted to put gloves on the Penguin's flippers, whilst advising her boss, Max, that research had demonstrated that "voters like fingers". All the while, the Penguin was grunting, presumably because he lusted after Jen, one of the first, maybe only, women who had ever shown any type of 'interest' in him.

Jen laughed at her colleague Josh's insensitive joke to The Penguin: "Not a lot of reflective surfaces down in the sewer, huh?"

And continued to laugh at The Penguin's apparent non-sequitur: "Still, it could be worse! My nose could be gushing blood!" although it wasn't clear if Jen genuinely found The Penguin funny or was simply humouring him.

Unfortunately, the laughter stopped as soon as The Penguin demonstrated what he meant by 'it could be worse', by proceeding to viciously bite Josh's nose, which left Jen visibly aghast.

Jen immediately attended to Josh and began swabbing at his bleeding nose, whilst Max and The Penguin continued to discuss their plans to make The Penguin mayor.

Unfortunately for Jen, The Penguin was still clearly distracted by his lust for her. In response to Max suggesting that they bring down the current mayor, Roscoe Jenkins, so that The Penguin may supplant him and thus 'fill the void', the Penguin made a creepy reference to Jen: "I'd like to fill her void" whilst staring at her bottom, which was clearly audible enough to leave Jen visibly disturbed and repulsed.

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