"Man, let's go! Let's go, Jack!"
―Joe Chill[src]

Joe Chill mugged Thomas and Martha Wayne, and tore away her necklace. The Waynes were then shot and murdered by his partner, Jack Napier, although his reaction implied that he did not anticipate that Jack would actually kill them. Then Chill began to run away in order to escape from the scene of the crime, and urged Jack to follow him.


Mugging the Wayne Family

Chill mugged the Waynes shortly after their exit from the Monarch Theatre. Napier watched from the shadows as he attempted to rip Martha Wayne's pearls from her neck. Thomas Wayne struggled with Chill during that, while Napier immediately shot them both. As Chill turned to him in surprise, Napier stepped forward to take aim at their orphaned son, Bruce. As Chill fled, he called to Napier, who then decided to leave Bruce alive on a whim.

Years later while he brooded in the Batcave, Bruce recalled the memory of Chill's cries that brought the sudden realization to Bruce that Napier was murderer of his parents and not him.


Behind the Scenes

  • In the film, Clyde Gatell was credited as Other Mugger. According to producer Michael Uslan, this is intended to be the mugger who pulled the trigger on the Waynes in the comics.[1] It was also Uslan who suggested the original mugger be present during the scene.[2]


  • That variation deviated from the comics as after Chill grabbed Martha's pearls, he was in shock at Napier's brutal execution of the Waynes, and then urged Napier to flee before he attempted to shoot Bruce as well.
  • Fans speculated that Joe Chill may have been Robert Hawkins or "Bob the Goon", who was always close to Napier and seemed to have a long history with him. However, Clyde Gatell appears to be around the same age as Tracey Walter in the flashback, which doesn't match up with up the character's appearance in the present.


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