Johnny Karaoke is a yakuza loan-shark and the leader of the Geisha Grrls team.  He is known for being a musical criminal who will sing into a microphone concealed in his cane as he commits crimes.


Johnny Karaoke was raised in southern California where he got a degree in business administration from UCLA.  After graduation he became involved with the American branch of the Yakuza.

Powers and Abilities

  • Leadership:
  • Business Knowledge:
  • Sword-Fighting:
  • Marksmanship:
  • Singing:


  • Cane:  Johnny Karaoke's cane doubles as a microphone which he sings into.  It also can work as a sword which he is trained in.

Appearances in Other Media

  • Batman: Arkham Knight:  While not appearing in the game, the character of Jonathon "Johnny Charisma" Browne appears to take influence from him.  Jonathon was a succesful singer in Gotham who became infected with a blood-virus which caused his mind and appearance to progressively resemble that of the Joker.  This lead to Johnny strapping himself to explosives and trying to hold Batman hostage while singing.
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