Johnny Viti was the nephew of mob boss, Carmine Falcone, and was the son of Carla Viti.


His first appearance is in Batman #407, at night, the Catwoman raids the home of Carmine Falcone. She believes that making a strike against Falcone will help to forge her own legendary status. The Batman arrives and attacks Falcone's men. The Catwoman escapes capture, but not before raking her claws across Falcone’s face. The media learns of the incident and reports that the Batman and this mysterious new Catwoman are working in collusion with one another. Commissioner Loeb makes a telephone call to Falcone. He instructs him to take measures against Gordon. Falcone sends his men to Gordon’s apartment where they abduct his wife and infant son. Jim manages to shoot a few of the kidnappers, but Johnny Viti takes off in his car with the baby.

Fortunately for Gordon, Bruce Wayne is present incognito. He follows Jim who takes off after Falcone on a motorcycle. While Gordon deals with Johnny, Bruce rescues baby, Jim Gordon Jr. Days later, news of Commissioner Loeb's corrupt regime hits the media wire. Loeb announces his possible resignation. The incident places Gordon back into the spotlight, and he is soon promoted to the rank of Captain.

In Batman: The Long Halloween #1, where Bruce Wayne in the study of mafioso Carmine "The Roman" Falcone, alongside with Carla Viti. Falcone is attempting to get Wayne to agree to use his banks to aid in money laundering. Wayne refuses. It is revealed that the occasion is the wedding of Falcone's nephew, Johnny Viti.

Later, Richard Daniel, former bank owner, is walking down the street when Johnny Viti fatally shoots him from the window of a car. Later, early on the day of Halloween, Johnny Viti is found shot dead in the bathtub with an untraceable gun and jack-o-lantern left at the scene. Catwoman gives Batman a tip about the Falcone money. He and Dent locate a warehouse full of cash that the family has been unable to launder. They set fire to the warehouse and destroy all of the dirty money. Dent returns home in high spirits. His wife informs him of a package that just arrived. The issue ends with the door of the Dent home exploding outward. Unknown yet, he is the 1st Holiday victim.

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