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"Joker's Millions" is the seventh installment in the The New Batman Adventures series. It was aired on February 21, 1998.

In this episode, The Joker inherits, without apparent reason, a hugh fortune from a deceased hated gangster rival, but when it's revealed that most of the money is fake, and that the Joker has already spent those few thousand who are real; Joker is in a no win no win dilemma: If he admits to being fooled he'll be the laughing stock of the underworld; if he doesn't get any ready cash soon he'll arrested for tax evasion. Joker goes on a crime spree and is arrested; the biggest suprize is in the end in a police van where he meets his partner Harley Quinn disguised as a policewoman who had just escaped from Arkham Asylum; Quinn is very angry with Joker who tried a substitute "Harley Quinn" in his crime spree and offscreen she is heard beating Joker up!

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