"Too bad you didn't know I had a utility belt too!"
―The Joker[src]

The Joker's Utility Belt was a device constructed by the Joker in contrast to his arch-nemesis' Utility Belt.

It included all of Joker's deadly weapons and devices to assist him in his crimes.

Comics Edit

"Batman may use scientific devices, but the Joker uses jokes and trick novelties!"
―The Joker[src]

Joker's Utility Belt and it's contents as seen in Batman #73

Tired of Batman and Robin foiling his plans and escaping death with their utility belts, he constructs one of his own with weapons and devices disguised as practical jokes. It contained the following:

  • Hand Buzzer
  • Snake Pellets - Tiny pills that turn into trick snakes when exposed to heat.
  • Sneezing Powder Capsules
  • Itching Powder Capsules
  • Water squirting Police Badge with bulb and hose
  • False Cigarette Pack with Jumping Jack Mechanism
  • Exploding Cigarettes
  • Eyepiece - A small circular object that leaves the victim with a black eye.
  • Mexican Jumping Beans - Jumping beans that are used as a distraction.
  • Flower Pellets - Pills that burst into large flowers
  • Playing Cards
  • Small Cork - A ordinary cork filled with paralysing gas.

It also had Joker faced Jack-in-the boxes and roll out flags to mock the Dynamic Duo.

Joker 3

With his belt, the Clown Prince of Crime began terrorising Gotham City and proved to be a challenge to the Dynamic Duo, especially after Joker slipped a replica of his own on Batman during the struggle as a distraction while he made his escape.

Eventually the Dynamic Duo were able to foil Joker's schemes especially after he attempted to steal the Gotham steamship and kill them, so they used his own devices against him and his men, leading to his capture.

In Other Media Edit

Batman television series Edit

"That cursed utility belt again! I swear by all that's funny, I shall never be foiled by that unconstitutional device again!"
The Joker[src]
Joker's utility belt (1960s)

The Joker's belt on the television show

The utility belt appeared in the two part episode The Joker Is Wild/Batman Is Riled and was similar to the original comic book story except you never saw all the contents of the belt except for a joy buzzer, smoke bomb, trick streamers and the cork filled with paralysing gas.

Joker with his belt (1960s)

The Joker clutches his belt tightly to his chest

The Dynamic Duo, knowing about the gas cork took a Universal Drug Antidote Pill to counteract the gas before the Clown Prince of Crime took them back to his hideout to behead them. Joker was astonished as there was enough gas to keep people unconscious for hours and was fought and captured by the Caped Crusaders.

Batman: The Enemy WithinEdit

The utility belt appears in the fifth episode of the second season, Same Stitch. Unlike the comics and TV show versions, the Joker, should he become a vigilante, creates the belt to help him fight crime alongside Batman and fills it with gadgets similar to the Dark Knight's, including "Jokerangs", gas pellets and his own grappling gun.

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