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Julia Pennyworth AKA Penny 2 is an SRR agent and daughter to Alfred Pennyworth.



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New 52

Julia Pennyworth is the abandoned daughter of Alfred Pennyworth who holds resentment towards her father due to him having left her and her mother to work for Thomas and Martha Wayne. As an adult she became a member of Britain's Special Reconnaissance Regiment.

She first met Bruce Wayne as Batman in Hong Kong while investigating a crime-lord who held connections to Carmine Falcone. After being injured, Bruce took her back to Gotham where she was reunited with her father in Wayne Manor. After Alfred was injured by Hush, she took up his position as coordinator of the Bat Family


  • Aviation
  • Biology
  • Computer Hacking
  • Driving
  • Espionage
  • Firearms
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced)
  • Investigation
  • Military Protocol
  • Surveillance

In Other Media

  • Julia Pennyworth appears as a recurring character in Batwoman, played by Christina Wolfe.