"Justice League: Part One"Edit

Batman is pursuing one of Darkseid's Parademons, when Gotham PD fires upon both of them in helicopters. Green Lantern interrupts Batman's fight with the Parademon by slamming a fire-engine construct into it. After he explains that he is in Gotham as he was alerted to an extraterrestrial presence. Gotham PD continues firing on Batman and Green Lantern, but their fire is blocked by shield constructs. The Parademon recovers and destroys the police helicopters. Hal forms bat wings which prevent the heroes from getting injured by the falling helicopters.

Batman and Green Lantern move underground in pursuit of the Parademon and Green Lantern asks Batman whether he has any powers, Batman replies "No.", To which Green Lantern states "Wait a minute, you're not telling me you're just some guy in a bat costume? You've gotta be freaking kidding me!". As a show of skill against this statement, Batman removes Green Lanterns power ring without him noticing and asks him how it works, Making Hal agitated. Batman says that he'd worry about the power ring being powered by thought, if he considered Hal capable of thinking. Hal and Bruce continue to talk smack to each other until Batman points out the Parademon attaching a father box to a sewer wall. With a shout of "For Darkseid!" the Parademon blows itself up, attempting to kill Batman and Green Lantern in the blast. Green Lantern uses his ring to save them, and scans the box, the ring can only identify it being of alien origin. The two agree to go to Metropolis in order to question Superman about this.

Meanwhile, at a high school football game, wide receiver Vic Stone impresses several college recruits. But with his superhero obsessed father absent, he's not able to talk to any recruiters. Stone sees a green energy jet fly overhead, carrying Batman and Green Lantern, and admits that his father never talks to him about superheroes.

Green Lantern flies Batman there in a green jet, which Batman criticizes as being too visible. As an act of cockiness Green Lantern encases Batman in a cage construct and tells him that he can also handle Superman. Using super-speed, Superman knocks out Green Lantern with one punch. He turns around and says to Batman "So, what can you do?"


"Justice League: Part One"Edit





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