The Kabuki Twins are The Penguin's henchwomen in The Batman.


The Kabuki Twins are both highly skilled martial arts combatants, who employ extended steel razor blades at the tips of their fingers. Very little is known about the Kabuki Twins other than that they came into the Penguin's employ during a sojourn in the Orient. They are quite the assassins and will go to great lengths to attack anything they see as a threat.

They also appear in The Lego Batman Movie, along with other villains.

Powers and Abilities

  • Acrobatics: Both of them are extremely acrobatic and incredibly flexible.
  • Claws: They both have retractable claws on their knuckles.


The Batman

"The Lego Batman Movie"

They also make an appearance in the Lego set "The Batmobile", along with Man-Bat.


  • They're mute, although they do scream and grunt in some games, particularly “The Cobblepot Caper”. This could be due to the fact that ninjas are quiet. Whether or not they are able to speak is unknown.
  • Although their masks have been knocked off before, we never see their faces in canon.
  • They sometimes disguise themselves as geisha girls, with black wigs and green dresses.
  • Fans sometimes refer to them as Peri and Gale (peregrine falcon and nightingale).
  • They are quite clingy when the Penguin is around other women. And this along with penguin saying there his type clearly means he’s in a relationship with them which is obviously they're reason for working for him.
  • Where they are from is never mentioned, although they are most likely Japanese.
  • They are the few of Penguin‘s lackeys who are neither bird-themed nor cold-themed.
  • Kabuki is a traditional form of Japanese theatre that is famous for it's over-stylized interpretations of characters. it is now only practiced by males.
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