Katana is a sword-wielding defender of Gotham City.


In the past, Tatsu Yamashiro was a covert CIA operative tasked with tracking down Ra's al Ghul and she joined the League of Assassins and there was known as "Katana". She later faked her death in a fire and disappeared with the Soultaker Sword, believing it to be too dangerous for either the League or the CIA to possess.

In "Hunted", Tatsu is hired by Alfred as a bodyguard for Bruce Wayne.

In "Safe" she is also tasked with protecting Dr. Jason Burr. 

In "Family", she passes Batman's final test and he reveals his identity to her.

In "Allies", she formally retakes the name 'Katana' as Batman's ally.

In "Control" it is revealed that she has developed feelings for Dr. Jason Burr.

Powers and Abilities

Katana is a superb samurai.


  • Katana: Katana primarily likes to wield her namesake in fights. She rarely wielded another weaponthe Soultaker Swordbecause she attempted to keep it hidden.


Beware the Batman

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