Killer Frost AKA Caitlin Snow is a meta-human supervillain and recurring member of the Suicide Squad.


Killer Frost

Crystal Frost

Caitlin Snow is the third super-villain to take up the identity of Killer Frost.  The first was a Crystal Frost, a scientist who studied cryogenetics in the arctic only to be locked inside a cryonic chamber and be turned into a meta-human with cold powers.  Crystal hated all men and wished to in-particular seek vengeance against her former professor and crush Martin Stein who had rejected her.  However when Frost sought out vengeance she found that Martin had become one half of the nuclear superhero Firestorm who she became the arch-nemesis of.

Dr. Louise Lincoln

Due to a combination of exposure to Firestorm's radiation and complications from her own condition, Crystal eventually died.  In an act of vengeance, Crystal's equally missandric best-friend Dr. Louise Lincoln intentionally exposed herself to the same cryonic chamber as Crystal to give herself powers and become the new Killer Frost.  This Killer Frost was dedicated to murdering Firestorm to avenge the death of her late-best friend while being even more ruthless and brutal than her predecessor.  She briefly served as a member of Task-Force X.


First appearing in Prime Earth/New 52 continuity (whereas Crystal and Louise were pre-crisis and New Earth continuity), Caitlin Snow was a genius that worked for S.T.A.R. Labs.  Eventually she was commissioned to a research outpost in the Arctic circle which had previously been headed by one Dr. Louise Lincoln, a scientist who mysteriously disappeared in the base.  Caitlin was deeply inspired by Louise's work though, namely of her research on a Self-Sustaining Thermodynamic Ultraconductor Engine that could subvert the second law of thermodynamics in order to create perpetual motion.

When Caitlin succeeded in finishing the S.T.U. engine, her colleagues turned on her and revealing themselves to be working for the villainous group H.I.V.E., as they were expected to ensure that the engine was never made public in order to protect H.I.V.E.'s investments in the energy industry. Furthermore, they were also responsible for Lincoln's death, and they then proceeded in silencing Caitlin by placing her in the working S.T.U. engine. In a panic, Caitlin ripped out the wires for the engine's coolant system, consequently infusing her biological makeup with ice. As a result, she became a vampiric being who craved for heat, and killed the H.I.V.E. agents.

After carrying out her vengeance, Caitlin continued to search for other sources of heat; she attacked a Norwegian research camp and stole their helicopter to fly to her hometown of Pittsburgh, where she encountered and fought Firestorm. While fighting Firestorm, Caitlin discovered that Firestorm's powers can temporarily heal her condition, and devoted her time to seeking and confronting him. She soon learned about the Firestorm Matrix and attempted to recreate it.

The Suicide Squad

Following her arrest, Caitlin would be transferred to Belle-Reve Prison in Louisiana where she was forced to be a member of the Suicide Squad. In Belle-Reve, Caitlin would be victim of inhumane treatment from her captor and superior, Amanda Waller.

Powers and Abilities

  • Genius-level intellect
  • Cryokinesis
  • Heat-Absorbtion
  • Cold physiology


  • Heat parasitism:  If Caitlin does not regularly feed off of warmth, she will grow weak and ill then eventually die.

In Other Media

  • The Flash (CW): Caitlin Snow is a recurring ally and occasional enemy in this series. She also has a romance with Ronnie Raymond, the younger personality of Firestorm.
  • Justice League Action: In the series Justice League Action she teams up with Mr. Freeze who ultimately betrays her. Once again, she has a romance with Ronnie Raymond.
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