"You want Caterpillars? Try cocoons Boy Wonder!"
―Killer Moth as he paralyses the Dynamic Duo[src]

Killer Moth was an antagonist in the Batman 1960s series, only appearing in the unaired Season 3 pilot Batgirl.

He was portrayed by Tim Herbert.


Killer Moth and his Moth Band are in Gotham City Library, where Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl, works. Bruce Wayne and his millionaire friend Roger Muntrose, along with Dick Grayson, are there as well. After noticing Killer Moth and his henchmen Wayne and Grayson walk out to change into their costumes, suspecting rightly that they are up to no good. Killer Moth plans to rob Muntrose, dismissing Bruce due to him being a friend of Batman. After his gang knocks out millionaire Roger Muntrose when the library shuts, Killer Moth grabs Barbara and shuts her in a room, which happens to contain the closet where her Batgirl costume is. Killer Moth begins to rob Muntrose, but Batman and Robin arrive on the scene, where Killer Moth paralyses them with his Moth Spray Gun. However Batgirl arrives and traps Killer Moth under a bookcase, allowing her to free the Dynamic Duo with her laser. By that time Killer Moth and his three goons are ready for another fight, during which Walker and his henchman are knocked over numerous times while Batman and Batgirl deliberate about each other’s identities. Killer Moth and his gang are eventually bested by the Caped Crusaders.


Moth Spray Gun- Killer Moth uses this to paralyse the Caped Crusaders by encasing them in a cocoon, but the cocoon is able to be destroyed by Batgirl’s compact laser.

Known Associates

  • Mothman #1 (portrayed by Joe E. Tata) - Killer Moth's henchman
  • Mothman #2 (portrayed by Al Wyatt Sr.) - Killer Moth's henchman
  • Mothman #3 (portrayed by Guy Way) - Killer Moth's henchman


  • In the comics, his real name is Drury Walker, but this isn't mentioned in the episode.
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