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Drury Walker, also known as Killer Moth, was a weak and cowardly subservient of Team Penguin, until he was transformed into a giant moth creature.


Drury Walker idolized the Penguin, and was inspired by him to become a supervillain. He arrived at Team Penguin's headquarters, and given membership solely as a "coffee boy". That or to be the source of humor for the other members: Killer Croc, Firefly, Ragdoll, and Penguin. While the other members grew tired of Penguin bossing them around and doing none of the grunt work, Killer Moth was quite happy to serve. They manage to steal vats of chemicals that they wanted to use to melt through the solid steel safes of Robert Howard. Killer Moth was in charge of the guarding the chemicals, which no one else was willing to risk their safety. When they find Killer Moth, he was at first in a thick cocoon, then finally emerges an insect-like mutant capable of flying and spitting acid. Though now the most powerful member, he still worships Penguin, and does as he is told. He and Penguin alone break into Wayne Manor without the rest of the team. They were defeated by Batman, Robin, and Batgirl.

Killer Moth was mentioned in the episode "Rumors" as being captured along with Firefly and Ragdoll. Whether they were attempting to revive Team Penguin without Killer Croc and Penguin is not made clear.

Powers and Abilities[]

Before his transformation, he carried around a cocoon gun, that could trap people in a cocoon of some sticky substance, though all the times he used it, it backfired (the goo explodes from the back of the gun instead of shooting out the front). When he becomes a "killer moth", he receives the ability to spew acid (which occasionally drips out of his mouth when not in use), the ability to fly, and enhanced strength and speed, making him the most powerful member of the team at that point. His strength could be greater then Killer Crock due to by intimidation of size though barely seen munch of his physical strength against Killer Crock.


The Batman[]

The Batman Strikes![]

  • Issue 32 " How to Take Out a Room Full of Goons
  • Issue 49 " School Day"

Voiced by[]

  • Jeff Bennett (English)
  • Jiro Saito (Japanese)
  • Renzo Jimenez (Spanish)


  • When in his mutant form, Penguin referred to him as "Mothy".
  • While Killer Moth was in his mutant form, he was able to fight well (still retaining his old personality despite gaining a higher rank).
  • The mutant form is based on the Charaxes form in the comics.