The Knifethrower Dame was a henchwoman who worked for the Penguin, as a member of the Red Triangle Gang. She wore an Native American costume that was covered with feathers and kept 30 knives in her jacket. She was often seen with the Organ Grinder.


Lighting of the Tree Ceremony

The Knifethrower was present during the attack on the tree lighting ceremony. She threatened the Mayor and Chip Shreck, in an attempt to capture Max Shreck.

Later after Max was captured by Penguin, she dined at a table in the Old Zoo with the rest of the gang hierarchy. She and several others assisted in the blackmailing of Shreck by passing along a Christmas stocking full of documents, toxic waste and a severed human hand.

Relighting of the Tree Ceremony

Knifethrower Dame waited for the Batmobile to arrive during the Relighting of the Tree with a special remote control device. While in Batman's proximity it recorded the frequency used by his own remote to the car when he activated the heavy layers of shielding before leaving. The device was able to hack the signal and deactivate the shields when she emerged with rest of the gang a few moments later. She then waited while the Thin Clown, Sword Swallower and Snake Woman where sabotaging the the vehicle. She put the Batmobile it back into its security cloak with the device before leaving.

Kidnapping blue-chip children

Cobblepot returned to the Arctic World pavilion in the zoo and handed out dossiers to the Knifethrower and others so they could kidnap high society children for him. She bore witness to Cobblepot's murder of the Fat Clown, who questioned the prospect of murdering innocent children.

She later abducted a child and placed him in one of the animal wagons on the Organ Grinder's train. Before she could retrieve anymore boys she was captured by Batman offscreen.


Behind the Scenes

In Wesley Strick's shooting script, the Knifethrower Dame threw a knife directly into Batman's chest emblem while he programed his batarang. In the final film, she is not shown at all during that segment, even in the assorted heists directly proceeding.

In Other Media

  • In the Batman Returns video game for the SNES, the Knifethrower Dame had the lowest HP out of all the enemies of the game, excluding the Red Triangle Circus Gang's Bikers.
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