Kyle Abbot was a member of the Intergang and a close associate of Bruno Manheim and Whisper A'Daire. He also helped them to interpret passages from the Bible of Crime. Once he realized that they intended on destroying all of Gotham City, he betrayed his colleagues and sided with Nightwing and Renée Montoya.


Abbot in wolf form.

Formerly an agent for the late Ra's Al Ghul, Kyle is the bodyguard of Whisper A'Daire, empowered by his mistress with the same serum that gave her immortality and shapeshifting abilities. In Kyle's case, the serum turned him into an ageless werewolf, second in command of a small army of similarly empowered henchmen.

Able to inflict fatal wounds with ease, Kyle is a useful partner for Whisper. After having disfigured and half-blinded him with acid spit for having displeased her, Whisper searched him out again. Kyle returned to work alongside Whisper, and was again injected with the serum to restore his youth but not his eye. Whisper tends to lash out at Kyle for any perceived failures, but the two remain partners. His loyalty and eagerness to follow every order issued by his mistress, even the most gruesome, is total and absolute.


Kyle resurfaces in 52 week 11, with his role as bodyguard formalized, due to Whisper being known as a manager for HSC International Banking, a company connected with Intergang. He took Whisper's side in the HSC Headquarters when the Question and Renee Montoya confronted them. Whisper fled, leaving to Kyle and a small group of shapeshifters the task of killing the pair. Kyle also left, shortly before the arrival of Batwoman, leaving the battle to the other henchmen. Some weeks later, when the Question and Renee fled to Kahndaq searching for clues about Intergang, Kyle was able to track them, and frame the pair for the slaughter in an Intergang facility, disappearing again.

Returned in Gotham, he expresses increasing concerns about Bruno "Ugly" Mannheim increasing madness, only to gain the enmity of his former contractors. Splitting again with Whisper, he helps Renee Montoya into finding Batwoman, kidnapped and offered in sacrifice to Intergang, and leaves with Nightwing to disable some device planted in all Gotham to turn the city into a fire pit.

Powers and Abilities

A tall and muscular bodyguard, trained in hand-to-hand and weapon combat, thanks to Ra's serum (which needs to be taken on a regular basis), Abbot is immortal and able to shapeshift. Appearing to be only in his thirties, he is at least sixty years old. After the events of Infinite Crisis, he has increased in bulk and his eyesight has been restored. His shapeshifting abilities allow him to transform between his basic human form, a wolf form and an intermediate lycan form, in which he's described as a "large, furry brick".

After Ra's death, it is uncertain how and where Abbot obtains the serum that grants their powers.

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