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Lego DC Super-Villains is a spin-off of the LEGO Batman video game series. It was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Mac OS X and is based mainly on DC Comic properties, including Batman. The game was developed by TT Games and published by Warner Bros. Games, though the Mac version of the game was published by Feral Interactive.


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Some time after Brainiac's defeat, an unnamed criminal is caught after breaking into Ivo Laboratories. Believing that they have acquired powers similar to Amazo, Comissioner Gordon brings "the Rookie" to Stryker's Island to be assessed whether they can be a force for good by Lex Luthor. However, Luthor, with help from Mercy Graves, orchestrates a breakout and acquires the Rookie's services. Meanwhile, the Joker and Harley Quinn break into Wayne Enterprises and steal a Mother Box from the labs. Pursued by Batman and the Justice League, the groups are stopped by a group calling themselves the "Justice Syndicate", who claim to be superheroes from Earth-Three. However, the Syndicate teleport the League to an unknown location, though Harley Quinn witnesses and films the incident.

With the League gone, supervillains in Gotham and Metropolis use their absence to start a crimewave. Acquiring the help of Gotham's criminals, Joker leads an attack on the Gotham City Police Department, though ultimately are chased by Batgirl and Nightwing. After a showdown at the Iceberg Lounge, only Catwoman, Harley and Clayface escape. During it, Owlman steals a jewel from the former, who notices his unheroic behavior.

Suspicious of the new "heroes" and reporting her findings to the Legion of Doom, Catwoman convinces the group to investigate them. With help from the Rookie, Merlyn and the Rogues, Reverse-Flash breaks into STAR Labs to use the comic treadmill and travel to Earth-Three. Learning that the Syndicate are actually villains called the Crime Syndicate, the group battle the Teen Titans and several syndicate members, with only Rookie and Killer Frost escaping. Attempting to get the Daily Planet to reveal the truth, the Legion are convinced by new reporter Kent Clarkson (secretly the Syndicate's leader Ultraman) to find Quinn and bring her proof.

After freeing fellow Taskforce X members Deadshot and Captain Boomerang to help, the group track her to the Gotham Botanical Gardens. After a fight with Poison Ivy, the group is ambushed by the Syndicate, who kidnap Quinn. Brought to Galaxy Communications Tower, the group manage to rescue her and gatecrash a nearby gala to show her video of the group banishing the Justice League. However, Quinn accidentally shows the wrong video and the Syndicate use the opportunity to frame them of robbing the patrons. Having been transported to Arkham Asylum after capture, Joker is contacted by Lex Luthor and orchestrates a breakout. Freeing all the supervillains imprisoned there, the group rescue Quinn and the other Legion members from the Syndicate.

Regrouping at the Hall of Doom, the Legion decide to rally its members and defeat the Syndicate in an all-out assault. Traveling to Gorilla City, Luthor, Cheetah and the Rogues recruit Grodd after helping him take over and oust Solovar. Traveling to Oa, Grodd, the Rookie, Scarecrow and Killer Frost free Sinestro and defeat Power Ring. Breaking into the Gotham Natural History Museum, Joker, Harley, Clayface and Sinestro free Black Adam, fighting both Shazam and Mazahs.

Rather than track the villains, the Crime Syndicate instead search for an unknown object, at the behest of an unseen villain. After locating the Hall of Doom, Sea King disobeys orders to attack the Legion, though is defeated by Ivy, Black Manta and King Shark. Seeing it as the perfect time, Luthor leads the Legion to attack the Syndicate at LexCorp. However, he betrays the group, revealing to have worked a deal with the Syndicate, and uses the ensuing battle as a distraction to learn their true motives. As Luthor attempts to teleport the Legion and Syndicate away, the Rookie interferes with the process, leading the process to instead teleport the destination to Earth instead.

Teleported to the planet in the process, Joker, Harley and the Rookie discover the Syndicate have been working for the forces of Apokolips, led by Darkseid. Fighting their way through the Parademon armies, they are discovered by the Justice League and brought to the Watchtower. Together, they deduce that the Syndicate are looking for the Anti-Life Equation, which will allow Darkseid control of the universe. With Superman missing after a fight with the tyrant, the group resolve to find him and recruit other allies.

Wonder Woman, Cyborg and Harley travel to Themyscira to recruit the Amazons, fighting Granny Goodness and her Female Furies. Meanwhile, Batman, Joker and the Flash travel to Nanda Parbat to recruit the League of Shadows, doing so by defeating Deathstroke in battle. Locating Superman on Dinosaur Island, the Rookie, Aquaman and Green Lantern revive him and defeat Kalibak.

With the Syndicate framing the League for various crimes, the Justice League decide to acquire additional help from the Legion. Luring out Johnny Quick and Atomica, Flash and Reverse-Flash defeat and interrogate them. Filmed by Lois Lane, they get Johnny to admit to the Syndicate's duplicity and confront the group at the Hall of Justice. Defeating the Syndicate, the group return them to Earth-Three. During it, the group discover that the Mother Box Harley stole contains the last segment of the Anti-Life Equation, which the Rookie absorbs with their powers. In an effort to lure out Darkseid, the group broadcast the Mother Box being taken to Wayne Enterprises, leading the villain to send Steppenwolf to get it. Quickly, the ruse is discovered and, after a fight through the streets of Gotham, the Rookie is captured.

With Luthor returning to aid them, the group head to Apokolips to rescue the Rookie, who has become the Anti-Life Equation through the segment. Working together, the group free them and defeat Darkseid. As he attempts to dominate them with it, the overlord discovers that he cannot use the Equation. Batman, however, reveals that the Rookie is actually a resident of Earth-Three, meaning that they can only use the Anti-Life Equation. Using their powers, the Rookie pacifies Darkseid and his followers, leading to them becoming friendlier. As the group prepare to leave, Luthor attempts another betrayal and teleports Apokolips back to its original place. Using the Rookies powers, the group return and confront him as he addresses the public. During it, the Rookie is given a choice to either reform and join the Justice League, or remain a villain and become the leader of the Legion of Doom. Regardless of the decision, the villains make theer escape, with the heroes in persuit.

In a Post-Credits scene, Apokolips is attacked by the Anti-Monitor, who proceeds to defeat Darkseid.


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