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Lady Shiva is a high-ranking member of the League of Assassins.


In "Safe", Lady Shiva sends Silver Monkey to capture Dr. Jason Burr so that they can get the Ion Cortex. After the mission was a failure, Lady Shiva learned from Silver Monkey that Katana had faked her death and was helping to defend Dr. Jason Burr. Lady Shiva states that they will obtain the Ion Cortex another way and that Katana is now the bigger prize for the League of Assassins. Silver Monkey kept the discovery that Katana had the Soultaker Sword from Lady Shiva.

In "Family", Silver Monkey collaborated with Bethanie Ravencroft to lure Bruce Wayne to the Argus Club location to use Wayne as a hostage to obtain the Soultaker Sword from Katana. Lady Shiva had been keeping tabs on the pair and arrived to punish both Silver Monkey and Ravencroft, who had attempted to overthrow her as leader of the League of Assassins, She used the unique power of the Soultaker Sword on Ravencroft and fought off Batman and Katana along with her assassins to make her escape with the sword using a helicopter.

In "Sacrifice," Anarky steals the League's cargo containing the body of its master, Ra's al Ghul. Lady Shiva strikes a deal to retrieve a mutative toxin from the Gotham Contagion Research Center for Anarky in exchange for the cargo. Anarky also baits Batman and Katana into the research center and unleashes his trap on all of them. Lady Shiva later escapes from the center and finds that although Anarky's plan had failed, he returned the cargo containing her master's body to the League of Assassins hideout.

In "Instinct," Lady Shiva welcomes Dr. Burr, affected since his body was taken over by Cypher, to the League of Assassins.


  • Soultaker Sword: This mystic sword can remove the souls of every person it is used against and is currently in her possession.


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