Leatherwing was a Nazi enforcer of Gotham City on Earth-10. He was part of a group of heroes formed by Adolf Hitler to enforce the Nazis' control over Earth-10. He is Earth-10's Batman counterpart.


The Batman of Earth-10 was originally the sworn protector of Gotham City. But when Mister Mind ate bits of the timeline on each parallel Earth, their histories diverged.

On Earth-10, Germany won World War II, and soon after the Nazi party took over the entire world with Adolf Hitler still alive as acting Führer.

In the present day, Earth has hundreds of thousands of facilities for separating genetic lines. Those deemed inferior will be killed and others will be used to breed. The Batman acts as one of the agents of the Nazi party.

When several individuals were appointed by Hitler to be his heroes, they formed the JLAxis. They believe that "heroes spring from the essence of their people".

The Batman of Earth-10 became one of the American enforcers in the Justice League Axis. His strong belief is that the "weak" must be "weeded" from humanity. When Monarch began to seek out superpowered beings on each Earth to create a Multiverse army to battle the Monitors, he had Viza Aziv, Forerunner, a native to Earth-48, travel to alternate Earths to scout potential members.

Given that her own humanoid species was wiped out in an analogous act of genocide when it waged war against the other nine inhabited planets of her Earth's solar system, Forerunner is disgusted with the underlying philosophy of Earth-10. She attacks members of a Nazi contingent engaging in ethnic cleansing (an outgrowth of the Nazi Party's policy of eugenics) in Kansas, and attracts the attention of Batman and several other enforcers. She manages to defeat Batman and JLAxis, and the Monarch arrives to offer Batman a position in his army.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Leatherwing possesses no superhuman abilities, but is in peak human condition.