One of Gotham City's many homeless people,Legs is a war veteran whose legs were blown off by a landmine. He now gets around on a tray with wheels. He has very strongly held opinions and has been caught up in the periphery of various adventures of Gotham City's costumed guardians.

Character HistoryEdit

Legs is a crusty,homeless Vietnam veteran and resident of the streets of Gotham City. He holds strong views and is prone to argue with other homeless characters. Legs is ironically nicknamed for his missing limbs, which he lost due to an anti-personnel mine explosion in the Vietnam War. Crippled and unable to afford a wheelchair, he moves about in a wheeled tray. Legs lives in an alley close to a hotel,where he can scrounge something to eat at times. He lived with another homeless person named Fozzy. One Christmas night Vicki Vale encountered Legs while doing an article on the homeless of Gotham City for the Gotham View. He scared her away by offering her some meat he'd found in the hotel trash and telling her it was rat meat. After Vicki left however, a bus driver,driven to a frenzy by the Scarecrow,wearing a skull-like hood and wielding an axe,attacked the homeless people, slicing brutally to death Fozzy and two others before Legs managed to push the attcker into the fire. After being interviewed by police and a reporter,Legs complained that he was becoming a scapegoat for the entire city.Legs later became loyal to Lonnie Machin and supported his activity as Anarky. Anarky occasionally employs him and other homeless men to act as diversions or spies against Batman. Legs was frequently used as a cameo character in Batman comics during the 1980s and '90s,including The Batman Chronicles #1. Alan Grant, a regular writer for Detective Comics and other Batman-related titles during this time period, made frequent use of the character as an ally for the anarchist themed character, Anarky. As such, Legs and Anarky appear together prominently in Batman: Anarky, a trade paperback collection of comics written by Grant.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Legs is surprisingly fast on his wheeled tray -- despite his two missing limbs, and is skilled in playing the trumpet.

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