”There‘s no need for you to wait in line, you’re on official business aren’t you?”

”I’d rather not say.”

“There’s no charge for you, go right in.”

”I’d rather just pay like any other ordinary citizen.”

-Leo and Batman

Leo was one of Catwoman’s chief henchmen. He was portrayed by Jock Mahoney.

The Purrfect Crime

Catwoman, Leo and Felix steal one of two golden cat statues from the collection of Mark Andrews. They also manage to steal the second despite the Dynamic Duo setting a trap for them.

Better Luck Next Time

After capturing Batman and Robin, Catwoman sets a tiger on Batman while Leo and Felix drop Robin into a tiger pit. However Batman escapes and saves Robin, and then they have a fight with Leo and Felix, ending with Leo escaping and Felix left behind. Leo catches up with Catwoman, who had already made her way to the island containing the lost treasure of Captain Manx. Catwoman has Leo mine the road leading to the island in order to blow up the bat mobile, but he does this unsuccessfully. They reach the cavern and the treasure, but Catwoman gasses Leo in order to have it all to herself, knocking him out.

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