Linda Page was a society girl and Bruce Wayne's occasional girlfriend beginning with Batman #5, Spring 1941.


Linda was a redheaded wealthy socialite from New York City. The daughter of Texas oil magnate Thomas Page, she dedicated her time as a nurse for the elderly. Linda met Bruce Wayne through the social circles that she traveled in. She occasionally dated Bruce Wayne from time to time. Linda however, had no idea that Bruce Wayne was also the Batman. Linda often scolded Bruce for being a waster, and occasionally, a coward, when he runs off from danger (to become Batman). Linda first encountered the Batman when a gangster named Mike Grogan kidnapped her and forced her to render medical aid to his brother Tommy who had been shot during a robbery. Batman fought against the Grogan mob and freed Linda. Linda was endangered once more but rescued by Batman, after she accidently uncovered the identity of one criminal, Mr. Baffle, which temporarily landed her in hot water. Linda later required the aid of Batman and Robin when her father was being blackmailed into selling his oil company by his partner Graham Masters.

One of the last times she appears physically is Detective Comics #73, but Bruce is still with her in Batman #32, when it is mentioned Bruce purchased a sapphire for her birthday.

Linda Page resurfaced a few more times, once in a flashback in Batman # 208 and twice in The Brave & The Bold. She also appeared in a World War Two story with Batman and Blackhawk, that was set on Earth-Two. Also, the Batman-Catwoman story in Brave & The Bold # 197 opened with Linda's wedding, set ten years after the events of Batman #32.

Linda tells Bruce that "I had no right to try and change you. I just couldn't figure out why someone with your INTELLIGENCE would want to spend his life ... PLAYING POLO."

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