Lloyd Ventrix (also known as Mojo) is an ex-con that used a suit that with invisibility. He was the father of Kimberly Ventrix and the former husband of Helen Ventrix. He only the Batman: The Animated Series, episode ("See No Evil").

He is an adaptation of the Batman villain Floyd Ventrix AkA Mirror Man.


Batman: The Animated Series

Lloyd Ventrix was divorced from his wife, Helen who had a restraining order on him for custody against their daughter, Kimberly. However, he secretly used his invisible suit to sneak into Kimberly's bedroom at night, posing as her imaginary friend called Mojo, but during one of his visits Ventrix learned that Helen and Ventrix were moving out of Gotham in a few days and he had no idea. Soon after, Ventrix turned a crime spree, while using the invisibility suit, he started to obtain some wealth and try to convince his ex-wife, Helen about her and Kim to stay in Gotham, but his actions only attracted Batman, who deduced Ventrix's identity after a quick research. However, by the time he warned Helen about her ex-husband's scheme, he had taken Kimberly away with him. However shortly after, Batman followed Ventrix and stopped him from taking the Kim, who escaped and ran back to her mother. Lloyd tried to escape using his invisible technology and after a long chase, he was forced to fight with Batman. For the most part, Lloyd got the upper hand of the fight, mostly because of his invisibility, but once Batman figured a way to spot him and knocks Lloyd unconscious before he was arrested and send to prison for his action while Helen and Kimberly soon leave Gotham where Lloyd would never be able to find them if he were to ever ever get out of prison again.

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