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Lola MacIntire was a long time friend of Selina Kyle.



Lola is a former showgirl who is a long time friend of Selina Kyle, having known her before she took on the role as Catwoman. She does side work as her fence and is a source of intel. She appears to know about Selina's past to an extent. Selina and Lola met each other when Selina was sixteen.


Lola MacIntire Dead

Selina finds Lola's bound and mutilated corpse.

After Selina's apartment is blown up. Lola offers Selina a place to stay, though Selina refuses. Lola helps Selina, by informing her of a penthouse that will be empty over the weekend, with which Selina can stay. She also gives her intel on a Russian club, which Selina uses to evesdrop on possible "jobs".

The next time Selina returns to Lola's apartment she is found to be bound, mutilated, and shot in the head by Bone and his henchmen. Bone was searching for Selina because she was stealing from him. When he found Lola, Selina's fence, he killed her because she helped Selina but not before Lola told Bone the code to her bookkeeping. Now Bone can go around the city and recover his stolen property.

Selina Kyle is extremely saddened and angry over the death of her close friend; a death that she blamed on herself. She tracked Bone to the club at the Moffat Building and beat him to near death. If not for the intervention of Batman, Selina would have killed Bone. Selina returned to Lola's apartment and began to burn all of her records and notes so that Lola would not be remembered as a criminal. More importantly to Selina, she removed all traces of herself from the apartment. Before she could extricate herself from the premises, the police showed up at the door and witnessed Catwoman over the body of Lola which looked like she committed the crime. Selina is forced to set the place afire and carry Lola's body from the scene.