This man served as a bartender of Lou's, a drinking establishment in Gotham City.


On the day that the citizens of Gotham were being evacuated from the Joker's threats of destruction, this bartender served Det. Michael Wuertz. Wuertz, who obviously didn't like him, brushed aside the bartender's questioning regarding why he wasn't helping out with the trouble outside.

After the bartender had made his way into the restroom Wuertz heard the door open again and, assuming it was him again, asked in irritation "Now, what? You need someone to shake it for you?". But rather than the bartender reappearing, Two-Face stepped behind the bar.

Dent, who was furious at Wuertz for being responsible for Rachel Dawes' murder in an explosion, flipped a coin to determine Wuertz's fate. The coin came in disfavor, and Two-Face immediately followed its order, shooting Wuertz at point blank.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • It remains unclear if the bartender was illicitly killed by Dent on his way to the restroom.
  • Some people may believe that the bartender was Lou, and the owner of Lou's. However, no source, either in the film or credits, its novelization, or the script, identify the bartender by name. It is possible he is Lou, but this is currently unverifiable.


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