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While at Bruce Wayne's beachhouse, Sassafras and Saffron, two of Louie The Lilac's gang members, kidnap Bruce and Dick Grayson after some ambergris (the section of a whale used to make perfume) is discovered on the beach by Dick. Barbara Gordon was present at the beachhouse during the proceedings, and she phones Commissioner Gordon who in turn attempts to contact The Dynamic Duo, who, as they were kidnap victims, aren't at home! Meanwhile, Bruce and Dick have been transferred, along with some ambergris, to Louie's hideout at The Defunct Fragrance Factory on Lavender Lane, where they are tied to some machinery and the ambergris is turned over to Lois, Louie's perfume expert (and moll!). Lotus tells The Lilac that she's going to need scent pouches from several animals; Louie sends Saffron and Sassafras after some, and plans for Bruce (an animal expert in his own right) to remove the scent pouches once those animals are secured. Back in The Batcave, Alfred Pennyworth uses The Batcomputer to locate his masters. He alerts Barbara Gordon who, after dispatching a too-nosy janitor, heads for the factory as that Caped Crusadress, Batgirl. The ever-reliable Wayne butler also sends The Batmobile by remote control to the factory, in hopes it may be of some use to the captured Duo. Batgirl and several of Gotham's Finest arrive at the factory at the same time, and while The Commissioner uses a bull horn to contact Louie, Batgirl sneaks into the factory...only to be immediately captured and dumped into a vat which Louie orders filled with hot oil used to extract the scent from the blossoms! Continually refusing to operate on the animals, Bruce finds himself forced to do so in order to spare Batgirl's life. Louie agrees and provides Bruce and Dick 2 glasses of warm water they request for this procedure, then locks the pair in the basement with the animals...but, of course, reneges on his promise and decides to 86 The Caped Crusadress anyway! While in the basement, Bruce introduces his latest Batinvention: The Instant Unfolding Batcostumes With Utility Belts; just add warm water, and they exxpand to full size! Minutes after, Brucer and Dick switch garb, and, as The Caped Crusader and The Boy Wonder, escape from the basement and rendezvous with the police, who aid them in breaking down the entrance in time to rescue a now out-of-vat Batgirl from Louie, and The Dynamic Trio rout the whole gang! Batman and Robin then pretend to rescue the kidnapped millionaire and his youthful ward by entering the basement and reemerge from within as Bruce and Dick. Meanwhile, womens' rights spokesperson Nora Clavicle plans to overrun the male-populated governement in Gotham City...





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