Lucky Pierre was a successful attorney, famous for never having lost a case. He kept a lucky wishbone in the band of his hat and a lucky rabbit's foot in his jacket pocket.

The Joke’s On Catwoman

When Catwoman was arrested she demanded her phone call, with which she called her attorney, Lucky Pierre. At Catwoman and Joker’s trial Pierre refuses to cross-examine any of the 14 witnesses Batman brings on. He also does not attempt to convince the jury of Catwoman and Joker’s innocence. However Pierre had previously replaced the jury with former members of Catwoman’s gang. Because of this the jury’s verdict is not guilty, to the astonishment of the judge. But when the Jury Foreman’s fake moustache falls off he is revealed by Batman to be Marvin the Moose, one of Catwoman’s former henchman, and Juror Number 2 is revealed to be Dave the Dummy, another felón of Catwoman’s. After the ensuing fight all the villains are captured and Pierre, having just lost his first case, breaks his lucky wishbone, throws away his lucky rabbit's foot and storms out. Later, Robin and Batman comment to Commissioner Gordon and Chief O’Hara that P could have had a successful career in politics, had he not turned to crime.

Lucky Pierre was portrayed by Pierre Salinger.

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