Luigi Maroni was the father of Sal Maroni, and the original leader of the Maroni gang.


His only appearance was in Batman: The Long Halloween #9, when Sal Maroni visits his father, Luigi. Luigi Maroni is now retired. He is out among his tomato plants and his son Sal is asking for advice on how to proceed now that Holiday has murdered all of his men. Luigi tells him that he needs to eliminate The Roman before Falcone gets him. Later, a shadowy figure fires from between two of the tall tomato plants. Luigi Maroni is struck in the heart. Sal rushes to his father’s side only to find one of Holiday’s signature .22 pistols and a tie in a gift box. Holiday has claimed his Father’s Day victim and has escaped once again. Sal Maroni later goes insane, not knowing what to do next, so he thinks about Dent. Dent’s assistant, Vernon, has called the district attorney into his office, late. Dent is frustrated, until he opens the door and finds Maroni waiting for him. The crime boss expresses his anger towards Falcone and says he is willing to work with Dent to bring him down.

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