Luke Oliver was a inmate at Arkham Asylum. Kept within the Penitentiary Control Room alongside Clayface, he can be briefly visited by Batman.


Luke Oliver was a patient in Arkham Asylum. Where he was treated and the doctors tried to bring back his sanity. His condition progressed to a point where he would seemed oblivious to the outside world, only pacing his cell and muttering to himself.

Arkham Asylum Incident

Luke Oliver was present when the Joker took control over Arkham Asylum. When the Lunatics were released from their cells, Luke was the only inmate who was not freed, as his cell door remained shut. Luke remained in his cell for the rest of the incident and was briefly visited by Batman.

After Arkham Asylum Incident

It is unknown what happened to Oliver after Arkham Asylum was shutdown by Mayor Quincy Sharp. It is presumed he was transferred to Arkham City or placed into Hugo Strange's care.


  • In real life, Luke Oliver was the winner of a 2008 contest. As the main prize, the winner would have their face rendered somewhere in Batman: Arkham Asylum.
  • Luke Oliver name can be seen on Joker's Party List with a Smiling Face next to it.
  • In Batman: Arkham City, it is implied in Riddler's patient interview tapes that Oliver might have been a victim of Strange's experiments.
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