Ma Parker is the name of an episode of the 60's Batman TV series.


As The Dynamic Duo speeds back to The Batcave, Batman suspects foul play because of a comment made by the trustee dealing with The Batmobile's speed, and he immediately stops the car and disables the car-bomb just before it can go off! Quick as a blink, The Peerless Pair speed back to the prison to check on The Parkers. However, clever playacting convinces them that all is well there. Ma then holds a meeting of the prison inmates and informs them of her plan for using The Gotham State Pen as a hideout while Batman & Robin do their work by send more crooks to fatten her jailhouse gang. (After all, who'd think to looking for escaped crooks inside a prison?) During an armed car robbery, Ma detonates the druck with dynamite, the resulting explosion triggering The Batseismograph, which in turn alerts The Dynamic Duo. They rush to the scene, where under a shower of cash, Ma Parker and her delinquent kids cut out--but her plan goes awry when Batman siezes a scrap of cloth from a fleeing thief and recognizes it as prison garb! Suspecting Ma Parker is involved, Batman and Robin break into the prison, only to be captured and strapped into electric chairs by Ma's gang, scheduled to be barbecued at midnight! When Ma pulls the switch to fry The Duo, she and her cohorts find that Batman (having lured Legs into leaving the room beforehand) has cleverly managed to rewire the whole setup, using it to signal Alfred to cause a prisonwide blackout instead of an execution! The Caped Crusader and The Boy Wonder immediately free themselves and recapture The Parker Family to restore order in Gotham State Penitentiary. Later, in Warden Crichton's office, Gordon, Robin, Crichton and Batman are surprised at a bundle of roses sent to Ma Parker from her children; the reason: it's Mother's Day! Everyone laughs.


The Dynamic Duo meets The Clock King!




Behind the scenes

  • Catwoman only makes a cameo appearance as a prisoner.
  • Milton Berle cameos as Lefty.
  • Legs Parker's prison Number reads as though it was her measurements.

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