Mad Dog is a bounty hunter sent after the Suicide Squad.


Mad Dog first appears in Suicide Squad #3, attacking squad members Deadshot, El Diablo and Black Spider. Deadshot identifies him as a bounty hunter after "the package," which is also the object of the Suicide Squad's mission in the Astrodome.

While using thermal vision on his mask to see through smoke, Mad Dog shoots Black Spider in the chest. Before he can fire anymore shots and steal the Squad's package, Harley Quinn releases gas into the room to prevent further gunfire. This allows the Squad to leave unharmed.

Mad Dog and his team find Deadshot and Harley at their hideout and chase them inside. Harley has once again turned on the gas to prevent any gunfire inside the hideout. All parties evacuate the building which explodes shortly after. From here, Mad Dog retreats into the nearby forest.


When in the forest, Mad Dog runs into Suicide Squad member, King Shark, who has been hiding out. Upon arriving to the helicopter for evacuation, King Shark is wearing a necklace that everyone immediately recognizes to have belonged to Mad Dog. When asked about it, King Shark says, "Found it."

Powers and Abilities

  • Marksmanship
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