"Mad? Me? Oh, very well then!"
―Mad Hatter[src]

Mad Hatter is a character who appears in LEGO Batman: The Videogame. Mad Hatter was inspired by the lunacy of Alice's Adventures In Wonderland to commit crimes. He uses his mind-controlling skills to bend people to his will, and is never seen without a large and fantastic hat.


LEGO Batman: The VideogameEdit

Having broke out of Arkham Asylum, Mad Hatter joins The Joker's party of villains. Alongside Harley Quinn, The Scarecrow, and Killer Moth, Mad Hatter plans to flood Gotham with Joker Gas by detonating bombs in Gotham Cathderal. He helps the plan by escorting The Joker to a chemical factory where he will make his Joker Gas. They succeed in creating the Joker Gas, but Batman and Robin discover Mad Hatter, and he fights them in a room of chemical vats. He is defeated when the Dynamic Duo drop him into the toxic chemicals, and is swiftly sent back to Arkham. He is last seen in his cell at Arkham, holding a tea party with a rabbit.

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super HeroesEdit

While he does not appear in the main story, The Mad Hatter can be found in Open-World Gotham outside the Harbourside Theatre. After being defeated, he can be used in Free Play.


  • Mad Hatter can double-jump using a propeller in his hat
  • Mad Hatter can use his mind control ability on certain characters.
  • Sometimes on Xbox 360 there is a glitch where he will be unlocked after completing the villain story Power Crazy Penguin, along with Joker (Tropical suit), and doesn't need to be bought as he's already unlocked.
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