The Maharajah of Nimpah is a character in the Batman 1960s series.


When he came to Gotham City for a holiday, he became the target of arch-criminal The Joker.

He was first seen playing a game of golf at a club that Batman and his partner Robin had tracked him to after they had been warned of the danger he was in and deduced that the solid gold and jewel encrusted clubs would be ideal for Joker to steal.

As his highness had just sunk a putt at one particular hole, gas spurted out of the hole and knocked him and everyone else on the course unconscious. The Joker had cleverly stolen the golf hole, filled it with gas and set an ordinary hairpin as the trigger.

The Caped Crusaders raced to scene, but were too late as Joker's men had already taken him away. The Maharajah was now the Joker's hostage.

He is next seen being held prison by the Joker in a secret room at the Ferguson Novelty and Magician's Supply Company.

Batman finds this out and goes to rescue him, but he is no where to be found.

Finally Batman gets a phone call from Joker demanding a payment of $500, 000 for the Maharajah's safe return. The Maharajah himself intervenes and tells Batman to help him endorse a check for the amount from his own money which he would cash at the Gotham City State Bank the following morning.

Next morning, the Maharajah arrives with two of his guards and as he collects the money, Batman stabs him and then with Robin fights him and his guards.

In the ensuing fight, they tear at the Maharajah's clothing revealing a enflated form fitting suit which sprays confetti everywhere.

They finally knock the Maharajah unconscious and Batman removes his face to reveal the Joker in disguise. It had all been a plan to extort money and disgrace Batman as his involvement in a criminal payoff would tarnish his reputation as an honest crime fighter. However Batman had discovered the plot, particularly after being concerned that nobody from Nimpah had protested the Maharajah's kidnapping so he called the palace of Nimpah and discovered that the real Maharajah was away on a hunting trip in the Nimpah mountains all along.

Meanwhile Joker regains consciousness and is arrested and imprisoned.

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