William Vickers was the first man to use the Major Victory name, a member of the antagonistic superhero team Force of July.



William Vickers was one of the founding members of the original Force of July, a patriotic superhero team formed by the American Security Agency. Vickers was given a suit that granted him superhuman powers. He acted as the leader of the team.

Infinity Inc. and the Outsiders

Vickers and his team come under investigation by the Outsiders and Infinity, Inc. for their connections to the allegedly corrupt Prime Minister of Markovia. Vickers leads his team in a fight against the two hero teams, who have invaded the Force's California base, and is successful in neutralizing all of the heroes, personally subduing Katana and Looker. During the fight he reveals he holds some racist views.

Janus Directive

Force of July becomes involved in a fight with the Suicide Squad, who they have been lead to believe are acting against the interests of America. The Suicide Squad has been similarly misinformed. Several members of the Force are killed in the fighting, and Vickers swears revenge on the Squad. However, he is forced to fight alongside him against a common threat, the terrorist Kobra. He loses the remaining members of his team, but survives the fight himself. He is asked to stay with the Squad and act as a mole, spying on Amanda Waller and reporting back to the US Government. He refuses the position and goes underground, though eventually returns to public life and the Squad, aiding in the fight against Circe. At this point he is recruited into the Captains of Industry, a team he remains with until its disbandment.


Now a member of the Shadow Fighters, a team that has been assembled by Waller, Vickers takes part in an attack on the island headquarters of Eclipso. He is beaten to death by Eclipso in the assault.

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