Manikin or "Miranda" is a super-villain enemy of Batman. She wears a costume which enhances her strength and makes her resemble a mannequin.



Miranda was a West German woman who became fashion-model and an aspiring actress. While successful, her career came to a halt when in Gotham City, her car crashed in a fiery wreck. While Miranda was saved by Batman, her face was permanently scarred from the fire of the accident.


Miranda came to discover that the accident was in-fact rigged by 2 fashion-designers who wished for her to be killed. With the help of her brother Victor, she planned vengeance by equipping herself with an exosuit that enhanced her strength while making her look like a mannequin. In addition to this, she would use realistic masks to disguise herself.

Manikin's first victim was designer Kelvin Kline who she strangled to death in a night-club. This resulted in an encounter with Batman where her appearance startled the Dark Knight only for her super-strength to overpower him.

Her next victim was one Mr. Houston who she tried to murder in a fire only for Batman to intervene and bring him to a hospital. When Miranda broke into the hospital to finish the job, Batman ambushed her and exposed her to a device that would force her to remove her mask or die.

Unable to cope with her appearance, Miranda reserved to die and while Batman was going to save her, her brother Victor did instead. Houston was then exposed for his attempted murder of Miranda which lead to Batman bringing the tycoon to justice. Miranda's fate is unknown but it is likely she was imprisoned for her crimes.


  • Mannequin Suit: Miranda's suit enhances her strength to super-human levels.
  • Masks: Manikin can wear masks overtop of her mannequin mask. These masks are hyper-realistic and allow her to imitate normal-looking people.


  • Miranda's backstory, motives and character resemble that of Calendar Girl from the DCAU. Both are former models whose respective careers were destroyed by their employers, leaving them with crippling dysphoria which prompted them to hide behind masks. Additionally, both attempted to murder their former employers only to be stopped by Batman.
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