The mayor of Gotham City, Marion Grange is the former District Attorney. Marion has moved Sarah Essen to be the liaison between her office and the Gotham City Police Department. Grange has also replaced Andy Howe with James Gordon as police commissioner.


Former district atttorney Marion Grange was a no-nonsense woman who was considered by many of Gotham's citizens to be a vast improvement over current mayor Armand Krol. She ran against Krol for mayor and Grange was elected after winning Batman's endorsement. She first encountered Bruce Wayne at the party being held at The Iceberg Lounge to mark the mayoral elections. Madman Cornelius Stirk had headed for the party and only the timely intervention of Bruce as Batman was able to save the newly elected mayor Marion Grange from the madman. Her first act as mayor was to forcibly eject Krol from the mayor's office, and her second was to re-appoint James Gordon as Police Commissioner. (Robin #28, April 1996). Grange was sworn-in early by the state Governor, in the midst of the crisis caused by the Clench virus and Krol's inept handling of matters. She remained mayor until Gotham was devastated by an earthquake in the "No Man's Land" series, during which she failed to prevent the federal government from cutting off Gotham from the rest of the country following its cataclysmic earthquake. She faded from the political scene, and agents of Nick Scratch assassinated her shortly afterwards, with a bullet intended for Bruce Wayne.

In other media

The Batman

See: Marion Grange (The Batman)

In The Batman, Marion Grange was changed to be man instead of a woman and was voiced by former Batman actor Adam West.

Beware the Batman

See: Marion Grange (Beware the Batman)

In Beware the Batman, Marion Grange was changed to be an African-American woman instead of Caucasian. She was voiced by CCH Pounder who regularly provides the voice of Amanda Waller.

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