Marnie Herrs was the assistant to Simon LaGrieve and a practicing psychiatrist. She was attracted to the super-villain known as Deadshot.


Suicide Squad

Marnie Herrs is a psychiatrist at the Belle Reve prison, secretly the base of the Suicide Squad. She functions as one of the Squad's therapists focusing almost exclusively on the assassin Deadshot, developing a romantic interest with her patient,culminating in a kiss during a therapy session. This causes her superior Dr. La Grieve to remove her from Lawton's case, which she responds to by taking a leave of absence in order to find answers about Lawton in his past.

Search of Deadshot

She then leaves to visit Deadshot's father George Lawton who refuses to offer her answers, but reveals Deadshot has a brother, Edward Lawton, who was murdered.

She continues to search through Floyd's past finding his mother who refuses to talk to her, while rebuffing the advances of the local sheriff due to her feelings for Deadshot. However she finally opens up about her strong desire to save Deadshot revealing her sister's suicide, which spurs her continued desire to save Deadshot. The sheriff then sets up a meeting for Marnie with the gardener,but ends up with little questions and more suspicion of the mother.

She then breaks into Deadshot's mothers home, where she's met at gunpoint but talks her way out of danger, as Mrs. Lawton begins spinning a story to make Floyd to be his brother's murderer. However, Deadshot arrives having killed everyone involved in the kidnapping and murder of his son, and preparing to kill his mother, the woman who had convinced Edward to shoot and cripple his father, before Floyd accidentally shot and killed his brother. Marnie, however, manages to talk him out of the kill, with him shooting and crippling her, before leaving as Marnie covers to the police about Deadshot.

The two then return to Belle Reve with the doctor giving the okay for Marnie to resume sessions with Floyd, who refuses believing he can't be cured. Shortly after this, Marnie quits feeling Waller was out of line by sending the still mentally distraught Deadshot out into the field after Rick Flag Jr., where he experienced an emotional break.

Powers and abilities

  • Psychoanalysis
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