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Marsha, Queen of Diamonds was a villainess in the Batman 1960s series. She was portrayed by Carolyn Jones.


She was a crafty seductive villainess who thought diamonds were a girl's best friend as in the song by Carol Channing.

Known Associates

While Batman and Robin don't go into crimefighting alone, Marsha has some associates that help her in her crimes.

  • Aunt Hilda (portrayed by Estelle Winwood) - Marsha's aunt. She is a woman who thinks she is a witch. Aunt Hilda would often use potions that wouldn't work as she hoped. A former Chemistry teacher at Vasser College; she becomes a Cooking teacher.
  • Grand Mogul (portrayed by Woody Strode) - Marsha's henchman who assisted Marsha in a plot to get the Bat-Diamond.
  • Miss Patterson (portrayed by Kimberly Allen) - Penguin's and Marsha's henchwoman
  • Mortimer (portrayed by Carl Sklover) - Penguin's and Marsha's henchmen
  • The Penguin - Worked with the Black Bird of Prey on one occassion.
  • Red Turban (portrayed by Walt Davis) - Marsha's henchmen
  • Blue Turban (portrayed by David Armstrong) - Marsha's henchmen
  • Henchman #1 (portrayed by Frank Baron) - Penguin's and Marsha's henchmen
  • Henchman #2 (portrayed by Steve Conte) - Penguin's and Marsha's henchmen
  • Henchman #3 (portrayed by Albert Cavens) - Penguin's and Marsha's henchmen
  • Henchman #4 (portrayed by Boyd 'Red' Morgan) - Penguin's and Marsha's henchmen
  • Henchman #5 (portrayed by Troy Melton) - Penguin's and Marsha's henchmen


Season 2


  • Carolyn Jones who played Morticia Addams in "The Addams Family" was the second member of the cast to appear in Batman. The first was Ted Cassidy reprising his role as Lurch in a Batclimb cameo and the third was John Astin who played Gomez Addams and later guest starred as The Riddler.