Martha Wayne was the wife of Dr. Thomas Wayne, and the mother of Bruce Wayne.

After Martha saw Footlight Frenzy at the Monarch Theatre with her husband and son, she was robbed at gunpoint by an assailant. When Thomas interceded to protect his wife, both of them were shot in cold blood by a second assailant, Jack Napier.

Martha's son, Bruce, grew up and became Batman.

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  • The Gotham Globe headline reading that told of the murders of Thomas and Martha was dated Thursday, October 26, and likely placed the date of their murders on Wednesday, October 25.
  • Sam Hamm's original script for the sequel (then titled Batman II) had the Penguin and Catwoman team-up to look for lost gold that was buried at the bottom of the Gotham harbor, which would then tie into why Bruce's parents were murdered.


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