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Martin "Mad Dog" Hawkins was a serial killer who targeted women, and was one of the causes for why Amadeus Arkham, the man who set up Arkham Asylum, went mad.


Martin was beaten and sexually abused by his unloving father from an early age, which made Mad Dog go insane. He grew up into a disturbed man who would cut himself in order to feel something. One day as he was driven further into insanity, he claimed to see visions of the Virgin Mary who told him to go out and kill women, destroying their faces and sexual organs in order to "stop the dirty sluts from spreading their disease".

He killed many women before he was finally caught and sentenced to stay in the State Psychiatric Hospital in Metropolis. Once there, he was treated by Amadeus Arkham.

When Amadeus went back to Gotham City and set up Arkham Asylum, he went back home on April 1st to find that Mad Dog had broken into his house, murdered his wife Constance, and had sexually abused his daughter before decapitating her and putting her head in a dollhouse. This was one of the factors which eventually drove Amadeus mad.

Mad Dog was captured again and sentenced to Arkham, where he took great pleasure in taunting Amadeus by calling his daughter a slut and telling him about the murder. Amadeus listened to the taunts and took them in his stride, until the anniversary of the murder where he strapped Mad Dog to a table and electrocuted him to death. Martin Hawkins' death was treated as an accident.

In Other Media[]

Arkmans maddog statuecombo--article image

A still-standing statue of Constance Arkham, vandalized by Mad Dog, as seen in Batman: Arkham Asylum.

  • There is a direct reference to Mad Dog in the video game Batman: Arkham Asylum, where a statue of Constance Arkham stands in the Flooded Corridor of the asylum's Botanical Gardens. The head of the statue has been cut off and lies at the base, which has been vandalized. Scrawled over the base of the statue is a single name: "Mad Dog".
  • In the 'Chronicles of Arkham' in Batman: Arkham Asylum, it claims that Martin was supposedly deemed 'sane' after years of treatment from Amadeus himself, but when his signature was required for his release, he used the pen he was given to murder Amadeus' secretary. The chronicle's account implies that Martin had acted out of instinct, and begged for forgiveness from Amadeus, but after enduring so much from Martin, he gave up on him, and then killed him through electroshock therapy. The chronicles are told from the point of view of a mind-controlled Quincy Sharp, who was going through a psychotic episode and believing himself to be the reincarnated spirit of Amadeus Arkham, so the validity and legitimacy of this account is unclear.