“The Jury should now retire to the jury room for deliberation”

”No need for that your honour. We have already made up our minds. We find the defendants, Catwoman, Joker, Giggler, Laugher, Smiley and Gus, not guilty on any of the charges.”

- the Judge and Marvin the Moose

Marvin, called The Moose, was a former member of Catwoman’s gang. He was the Jury Foreman during Joker and Catwoman’s trial, but was disguised by Lucky Pierre so he wouldn’t be recognised.

The Joke’s On Catwoman

Marvin, prior to Catwoman and Joker’s trial, was disguised with a false moustache by Lucky Pierre, Catwoman’s attorney, along with other former gang members, to allow Pierre to fix the trial. After hearing damning accounts of Joker and Catwoman’s crimes from 14 witnesses, and without conferring, having previously decided, Marvin inform


s the judge of their ‘not guilty’ verdict. However, his disguise falls off, revealing him as a crimina, and Marvin pulls out a machine gun. However Batman disarms him with his Batrope, and later knocks him out in the ensuing fight, where he and the rest of the villains are taken to prison.

Marvin could be called ‘The Moose’ due to his imposing physique.

Marvin was portrayed by Gil Perkins, however Marvin was credited as only the Foreman

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