A brutal and relentless killing machine, Massacre is one of Batwing's earliest enemies and is sworn to his bloody agenda against The Kingdom.


Younger brother to David Zavimbe and dubbed one of the "Dragonflies" by General Keita's men. Isaac was a ferocious child soldier who could easily match the beat of the other men in Keita's band of men.

Massacre has so far lived up to the horrific meaning behind his villainous name. At the moment, he's determined to kill all members of a former superhero team in Africa known as The Kingdom. He claims roster must pay for their actions, and that he'll "honor them in blood." During this objective, Massacre and Batwing have come to violent meetings at least three times Massacre slaughtered an entire police station, and when Batwing (in his civvies) made the gruesome discovery, Massacre stabbed his machete through David's chest. A few extra officers opened fire on Massacre, and the villain rushed them, killing all of them and severely beating the female officer.

Massacre then went on to assault Thunderfall, an electric-powered member of The Kingdom. Despite his electric projectiles, Massacre proved too much for the hero. The bad guy cut off the former hero's arm, but Batwing then interrupted. Still suffering from his previous injury, Batwing used his technology to his advantage, using his flight and projectiles in an attempt to defeat Massacre. The villain soaked a lot of damage and claimed it would take more to defeat him, but then Thunderfall stepped in and the duo took down Massacre.

Sometime later, Massacre continued his quest and killed Dawnfire. He left her body hanging in her mansion for Batwing to discover. Massacre isn't working alone, either. He recruited several men (some who wore a mask similar to his) equipped with powerful firearms to scare civilians out of The Kingdom's former headquarters and then blew it up.

Powers and Abilities

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced)
  • Marksmanship
  • Stealth
  • Swordsmanship
  • Tracking


  • Custom Battle Armor


  • Machete

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