Matthew Kadai was the assumed name of an otherwise unidentified murder victim who was attacked and killed by Andrew Carter.


Batman: Arkham OriginsEdit

The man only assumed to be Matthew Kadai was attacked at Amusement Mile by a then-recently released hardened criminal named Andrew Carter, who, by that point, had stopped going to court-mandated therapy sessions, planned to join Bane's Mercenaries, and was very dangerous. Kadai was killed when Carter, who had been enhanced by the drug, Venom, threw an air conditioning vent at him, which broke every single bone in his body, and thus made it appear as if he had suffered repeated physical blows. Kadai was in his thirties when he died. Batman learned of the murder from a police dispatch, investigated the murder, and deduced Carter's involvement. Batman and Alfred then tracked down Carter alongside a unit of Bane's Mercenaries to Park Row, knocked him out, and also left him to be picked up by the GCPD.

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