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Maximilian "Maxie" Zeus is a villain in The Batman. 


Maxie Zeus first appeared in The Batman episode "Thunder" voiced by Phil LaMarr. In this interpretation, he wears high-tech armor with gloves that generate electricity and is sane for most of the part. The gladiator armor suit he wears is more similar to Roman mythology than Greek. It is also notable that this version of Maxie Zeus despises being called "Maxie" as it is shown that when Batgirl calls him that and he gives her a paralyzing electric shock replying "And the name is Maximillian!". Maxie here is an eccentric/deluded multimillionaire and owner of Zeus Industries, who is obsessed with Greek mythology. He runs for mayor against Marion Grange. Maxie Zeus rode in his airship New Olympus in order to make Gotham City his kingdom after losing his election against Grange. Batman and Batgirl defeated him. When recovering and wondering what happened to New Olympus, Batman stated that it "became the New Atlantis." In "Rumors", Maxie Zeus later reappeared as one of the many villains captured by Rumor who eventully gets free and arrested by Batman. Unlike other incarnations, this version of Maxie Zeus - although not entirely sane - does not seem to literally believe that he is in fact the actual Zeus, and is simply an eccentric madman who has modelled himself on the deity.


Season 3

Season 4

Voiced by

  • Phil LaMarr (English)
  • Kenichi Ono (Japanese)
  • Marc Alfos (French)
  • Marco Balbi (Italian)
  • Jomeri Pozzoli (Portuguese)