"What the hell do you want, Harvey!?"
―Burian-Mohr to Two-Face.[src]

Burian-Mohr was Gotham City's Mayor during the reign of terror of the Riddler and Two-Face.


Burian-Mohr was the Mayor of Gotham City after Roscoe Jenkins. He attended the Gotham Charity Circus where the Flying Graysons were performing. During the act, the circus was interrupted by Two-Face and his gang. Burian-Mohr angrily stood up and asked Two-Face what he wanted, addressing him as "Harvey". Two-Face told him he was looking for Batman. Perplexed, Burian-Mohr looked throughout the audience, wondering if Batman was there in his civilian persona, unaware that it was Bruce Wayne sitting a few seats away from him. He watches the ensuing confrontation and witnessed the deaths of three of the Graysons at Two-Face's hands.




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