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"Meltdown" is the seventh episode of the second season of The Batman.


In Arkham Asylum one night, one of the doctors, a man by the name of Flunky, enters Joker's cell. Flunky tells Joker that it is time for his medicine, but Joker asks why the nurse did not carry the medicine into the cell with him. Flunky says its not the type of medicine "he had in mind" and begins to transform into the villain known as Clayface. Bennett prepares to take his revenge on Joker for turning him into such a monster. Clayface begins to attack the Joker, but the madman is too quick. Even though Joker is in a straight jacket and doesn't have weapons, he manages to fend off Clayface until the Batman arrives after being disguised as a worker. Batman, jumping into the cell, throws an ice pellet into Clayface's body, and the villain instantly freezes. Batman tells Ethan he will get help. Batman then turns around to find that the Joker has escaped his cell while the Dark Knight was fighting Clayface. Joker laughs as he sprints out of Arkham Asylum.

In court the next day, a law suit is going down between Clayface and the state. Bennett is being held in his normal state inside a glass chamber. Ellen Yin is called to the stand and she explains Bennett's transformations at the hands of the Joker, to the court. Next, Hugo Strange a Arkham psychologist is called to the stand. Strange states that, after looking over Bennett's psychological records, Clayface is now completely sane once again. Mark Desman, a scientist at Wayne Industries, is called up next. He states that Bennett can remain in his human form as long as he makes an honest attempt not to transform. This is exciting news to Bennett as well. Bruce Wayne is called to the stand next. Wayne says that he's known Ethan since high school and trusts him like a brother. Wayne is so confident of Bennett's reformation, that the billionaire is prepared to officer him a job at Wayne Industries right now. The judge rules that Clayface is free to leave but must stay on probation. Bennett must also take regular chemical tests to ensure he is not abusing his powers again. Wayne, Yin, and Bennett share a hug of success.

At Wayne Industries the next day, Bennet and Wayne ride up the elevator to Clayface's new job: head of security. When the enter the floor, Wayne introduces Bennett to the other security officers. When Wayne leaves, the other men begin to mock Bennett for his past as Clayface saying he is lucky to have a billionaire buddy. Bennett is disappointed that the men don't like him. In a diner that night, Ethan Bennett and Ellen Yin are sitting for dinner. The two are having a conversation about his old police job when some nearby people stare at Bennett and ask each other if that is Clayface. Bennett hangs his head in shame from the comments. Sometime later, Bennett is in a mini mart buying some milk. He does not have enough change and asks the clerk if he can spot Bennett fifty cents. The clerk is snobby to Bennett and refuses to let him skip on the change. Suddenly, Angel Rojas enters the mini-mart. Bennett panics, knowing that he and Rojas are not on even terms due to Ethan kidnapping him, as well as defending Batman. Clayface secretly transforms into a teenager as Rojas prepares to pay. Bennett has broken his "no-transforming" promise.

At home, Bennett yells at himself for transforming. When he turns on the television, there is a news report that the Joker has started another crime spree. Bennett is interested. The next day at the Gotham Observatory, Bennett is watching the stars when the Joker shows up. Bennett tries to be a hero and stop the Joker, but Joker overpowers the man. The clown picks up Bennett and throws him over the roof. Clayface begins to plummet to the ground when he decides it's necessary to use his powers. Bennett turns into his clay self and splats on the ground. Bennett, now in his Clayface self, attacks the Joker, surprising him that Clayface and Bennett are the same. but the madman escapes through a manhole before Clayface can get to him. Clayface, screaming with anger, is then attacked by the Batman. Clayface transforms back into his old self and tries to tells Batman that Clayface is trying to be a hero now. Batman relates and tells Bennett to go home and leave Joker to him. The next day Bruce shows concern for his friend by telling him that he has been mutating. Ethan says he will try to stop.

The next night at Wayne Industries, Bennett is watching the monitors at his security officer job. On one of the monitors, Joker beats one of the security and begins to walk around Wayne Industries. Bennett prepares to hit the emergency button, but he decides to put matters into his own hands instead .While Joker is making his escape, Clayface and Batman arrive at the same time and work together to stop the clown. Clayface states that he and Batman make a pretty good team. Batman states that he is neither his friend nor his enemy due to his violation of court rules. Clayface decides that if Batman won't support him, then they are enemies of each other. Bennett and Wayne begin to fight and Joker watches from where he rests. Joker than announces Clayface to become a criminal. Clayface agrees but steals Jokers art saying he works alone. As Clayface begins to escape, he is greeted by Ellen Yin. Yin is pointing a gun at him. Clayface tells her about his new life The dark knight arrives and tells Bennett that he doesn't have to go back to being a criminal. Clayface refuses. He says being a villain is so much easier. Yin, afraid Bennett would say that, throws a freeze pellet at the villain. Clayface immediately freezes, cursing his old partner.

Clayface is taken to Arkham Asylum where he becomes an inmate once again. Wayne and Yin look at their former friend knowing he is past the point of no return.

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  • Joker is shown wearing his original custom-made straitjacket instead of his usual and traditional purple suit and spats and is also seen wearing shoes for the first and only time in the whole series.
  • Joker used one of Tigger's lines: "Ta Ta For Now."
  • Hugo Strange makes his first appearance in The Batman.
  • A flashback of "The Rubberface of Comedy" and "The Clayface of Tragedy" is used.

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