The "Memory Cloth" cape is an integral part of Bruce Wayne's Batsuit. The fabric of the cape hardens when an electrical charge from his right glove runs through it, creating a wing-like glider. The cape in combination with magnetic grapple gun are his primary tools for traversing the city.

Becoming BatmanEdit

Wayne was introduced to the memory fabric technology by Lucius Fox of the Applied Sciences division of Wayne Enterprises.

Hong Kong ExtractionEdit

Batman folded the wings into a "backpack" that could eject from the shoulder blades of his redesigned Batsuit. It was used to infiltrate the highly secure compound of a mob accountant named Lau.

Folded Cape - Backpack

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The memory cloth cape is the modern film's version of the Batglider from the comics.
  • Originally the cape was going to be in "backpack" form when Batman rode the Batpod, due to fear that the cape get caught in the back wheel.
  • It has also been used by Arkhamverse Batman.