Midtown Gotham City located in the center of Gotham City. Almost all of Gotham's businesses are located in Midtown Gotham City. It is surrounded by four rivers: North is the River Monchant, South is the Gotham River, East is the East River and West is Queens River. Midtown Gotham City is also where Gotham Tower, Wayne Tower, Gotham Pier and the Prewitt Building are located.

List of LocationsEdit

Gotham TowerEdit

Gotham Tower is the tallest tower in Midtown Gotham City, The Willis Tower (Chicago) was used as a stand in for it.


  • Gainsly
  • Reatton
  • Colgate Heights
  • Fort Clinton
  • Red Hook
  • West Side
  • Columbia PT


  • Eastern Midtown Gotham City is architecturally modeled after Downtown Chicago. Christopher Nolan modeled Midtown Gotham City to be a blend of Downtown Chicago, Midtown New York City, and Downtown Los Angeles. Unlike most cities Gotham City has its own licence plates.

GC Bus plate*

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