Minerva is a villain in the Batman TV series. She was played by Zsa Zsa Gabor. And she is also known as mean, intelligent, negative, educated, relentless, vivacious, attentive, menacing, independent, narcissistic, evil, responsible, violent and arrogant.


Minerva runs a health spa in Gotham City. She has been using her Deepest Secret Extractor which is disguised as a piece of spa equipment. With this, she pulls off a number of robberies, until Alfred goes under cover.

Although Batman, Robin, and Batgirl defeated her, Minerva went along quietly as she has plans to start a spa section at the local prison.

Known AssociatesEdit

Just as Batman and Robin do not go crime-fighting alone, Minerva needs fellow partners in crime to assist her with her malicious schemes.

  • Aphrodite (portrayed by Yvonne Arnett) - Minerva's female assistant.
  • Adonis (portrayed by William Smith) - Minerva's henchman.
  • Apollo (portrayed by Mark Baily) - Minerva's henchman.
  • Atlas (portrayed by Al Ferrara) - Minerva's henchman.
  • Freddy the Fence - Minerva's and Catwoman henchman.


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