Mo, along with associates Lar and Cur, were three thugs hired by various villains, mainly The Joker. They closely resembled three members of The Three Stooges, Moe, Larry, and Curly. They shared their namesake's trademark hairstyle: Mo had a black bowl cut, Lar had the ring of brown hair, and Cur was bald.


The thugs Cur and Lar were joined by a new associate, Mo. Mo assisted Cur and Lar in preparing a sonic weapon with which Joker planned to use in order to massacre the Gothamites celebrating New Year's at Gotham Square.Although Cur captured and tried to hold Robin hostage,The three goons were promptly hurled by Batman off the Joker's entertainment platform as his fists crashed among them,although in the process of punching Lar,Batman was shot in the arm with a pistol by Joker.However,with Mo and his associates out of the way,Batman and Robin were able to capture Joker under a large bell.However,It wasn't long before the three thugs joined up with Joker again.Batman and Creeper caught the trio on their night off playing billiards, but Mo opened fire with a machine gun, promising Batman would never take him alive. Batman eventually took down the three thugs.

Mo,along with Lar and Cur, would next come under the employ of The Riddler. The trio tried in vain to save Riddler from Two-Face, who had disguised himself as The Judge.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Mo, Lar, and Cur are always dressed like mimes,wearing black mime costumes and simple pale white makeup over their faces. They are merely thugs, but are skilled in hand to hand combat,and can jump with agility from building to building.They all possess great strength, but have no superhuman powers.

In other mediaEdit

Mo, Lar, and Cur appear as enemies in the video game Batman: Vengeance, based on The New Batman Adventures. During a cutscene in the game, Cur mentions they have worked before for The Penguin, and had a salary of $10,000.


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